Starting now…thinkTrendless™

Welcome to my first blog post!  I’m excited to officially launch my latest venture:  

What is thinkTrendless?  Is it about trends?  Not necessarily.  thinkTrendless is about helping businesses stay centered on what matters most – a relentless focus on the customer experience (CX).

Now, for the official description: thinkTrendless is a CX consultancy that specializes in creating tailored strategic CX instruments that connect strategies – corporate, brand, product – to customer-centric initiatives.  These strategic CX instruments help identify and fortify unique experience touchpoints that amplify brand and product attributes throughout a customer’s end-to-end journey and experience. 

I need to pause and say, it’s nice to finally share thinkTrendless with all of you – starting a business in what is now known as Customer Experience Management has been a career goal of mine for some time. 

The focus of my weekly blog posts will be on CX activities and perspectives that generate organic and sustainable growth.  You’ll quickly find out, I’m also an advocate of achieving growth by building an army of promoters, which is one of the best ways to create the highest Customer Lifetime Value for businesses. 

What I won’t be doing with my blog is posting the umpteenth POV on the six disciplines of CX.  There are numerous CX resources that adequately cover it and adding another take would be overkill.  However, I will leverage my competence within the six disciplines throughout my posts to support my views.

Take a look around to learn more.  It’s very succinct, like me.  And yes, I’m shamelessly driving you to my website; not so much for traffic, but because of the sweat that has gone into creating it along with everything that is thinkTrendless.  

Keep thinkingTrendless