Digital & Physical Touchpoints Playing Nicely

It’s interesting to watch more and more online/e-commerce businesses branch out into the physical world.  Did it all start with E-Trade opening branches?  Maybe it was Warby Parker or Bonobos?  Even Google opened a branded store in London to sell its physical devices – smartphones, Chromebooks.  Might we see Google open up a dealership in the next decade to sell driverless cars?  

Amazon is even taking a leap into the physical world. Check out how Amazon is apparently taking a page from Walmart’s playbook in this Quartz article.  Click Here – Quartz.  Jeff Bezos also stated at Amazon’s annual shareholder meeting that it plans to open new brick-and-mortar stores. Click Here – The Verge   

Whatever happens next one thing is for sure – online companies are bridging and fusing the digital and physical divide.   

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