The Uncarrier Unwrapped Itself

T-Mobile can no longer dismiss rumors of a Magnificent Mile Chicago Flagship Store as speculation.  Here she is in all her glory.  Well, not all her glory, just exterior glory for now.   

I can’t wait to see inside.  T-Mobile’s magenta radiates through the decals at night.  So, I’m placing bets on a large wall of branded LED screens or TVs.  Initial assessment: on-brand (check) on-trend (check).  Is it trendless?  TBD.

What I’m curious to find out is if T-Mobile’s flagship store will embody its “uncarrier” approach to continually redefining the wireless marketplace by opening a truly experiential flagship store?  A store that goes beyond opening another glorified billboard and place to sell gadgets. 

Please let it be an experiential flagship store.  Please.  Fulfill my CX dreams.  

I ask because I’ve experienced firsthand the rush of wireless providers to the Magnificent Mile over the past few years.  AT&T and Verizon have launched impressive Magnificent Mile stores, but I question the ability of these flagship stores to connect with customers?  I walk by Verizon daily, at all times of the day, every season, and by AT&T weekly.  Visually these stores scream AT&T and Verizon, but they’re often empty.  Like, really empty.  Empty even when the streets are filled with tourists kind of empty.  I’m not trying to be overly critical.  The experiential flagship store space is tough to crack, but when it’s not working, it might be time to adapt and exploit a great opportunity to engage customers in more meaningful ways.

T-Mobile’s outspoken and innovative CEO, John Legere, continually redefines the wireless marketplace.  I’m hopeful this store will embody T-Mobile's customer-centricity and deliver something unique and exciting.  I'll share more when the store officially opens to discuss where it has landed on the CX and experiential flagship store spectrums. 

What about Motorola’s Flagship Store at Block 37 on State St in Chicago?  When it opened for the 2015 holiday shopping season it was touted as an “experimental boutique” and has been permanently closed.  I did walk by once, but I didn't get an opportunity to go inside. 

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thinkTrendless, Jeff