Now Open: T-Mobile's Chicago Signature Store

What luck today during my lunch break, I walked by the grand opening of T-Mobile's new Chicago Signature Store.

And, I made it inside – it’s impressive with tons of Chicago architectural nods integrated throughout along with plenty of displays.  The T-Mobile team is also pumped-up and talking about John Legere – what a testament to great leadership and engaged employees. 

The answer to my magenta glow guess from a prior blog post (The Uncarrier Unwrapped Itself) has been answered (see picture).  For more pics, check out T-Mobile’s coverage and Periscope videos of the store’s interior: T-Mobile, John Legere.  

I’m going to wait a few months heading into the holiday season to provide  perspective on where T-Mobile lands on the experiential flagship store spectrum along with AT&T and Verizon.  

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thinkTrendless, Jeff