Part 2: Digital & Physical Touchpoints Playing Nicely

Image: shutterstock

Image: shutterstock

When I wrote two weeks ago, “whatever happens next one thing is for sure – online companies are bridging and fusing the digital and physical divide,” I wasn’t expecting to hear this today.  According to Business Insider, Amazon is doubling down on retail stores with plans to have up to 100 pop-up stores in 2017.  

Amazon’s pop-up stores cater to a very important physical touchpoint – allowing customers to experience its devices including the Echo, Fire TV, Kindle, Fire Tablets and even the Dash Button.  Interestingly, I noticed in one of the pictures a display that states, “borrow a device to take with you.”  What better way to engage customers with your products then allowing them to do a dry run before committing to a purchase.  That’s CX gold!  Don’t forget the ultimate hook here – the majority of these devices link you back to Amazon’s online services.  Amazon even launched a new page dedicated to its new pop-up stores (Click here). 

There’s not an Amazon Pop-Up in Chicago yet, but I’ll be there when it opens or visiting one in another city.

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thinkTrendless, Jeff