Don't get taken for a ride by 2018 trend lists. CX is Trendless.

Trends are fleeting.  Experiences drive today's transformational innovation, disruption and leadership.  

A comprehensive view of your brand's holistic CX serves as a strategic lens that applies insights, trends, and intelligence directly to each experience and journey.  This way you can systematically assess the trend's influence on each experience, across interconnected experiences, and the impact on your brand's holistic experience.  

Trendless Deciphers.png

Trendless advocates focusing your efforts on designing and orchestrating great experiences that create a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace relative to any direct or indirect competitors.  Don't let trends drive your strategy and innovation efforts.  Apply trends to your experiences to determine applicability, and let the amplified experiences you've selected as strategic differentiators drive your innovation, disruption and leadership strategies.

thinkTrendless, Jeff