Trendless Applied | Starbucks Case Study, Pivoting Amplified Experiences

Back in October I was asked, "why is Starbucks closing its online store when eCommerce and branded merchandise play such an important role in retail?"  One of the powerful things about having a holistic view of your customer experience is it allows you to continually assess amplified experiences.  At times, brands must pivot and redirect resources from what were once amplified or core experiences to newer experiences that deliver more value. 

I'm sharing what I discussed so you can see the Trendless approach to CX in action.  Make sure to check out CEO Kevin Johnson's statements below the slideshow for more context. 


To shed further light on the change in direction, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson shared the following during a July 2017 investor call: 

"The evidence is clear that the pace of retail transformation is accelerating with a common theme: extending the in-store experiences to include relevant digital scenarios." 

"Starbucks identified the coming seismic shift in retail years before it consumed the industry. And we are well positioned because we invested ahead of the curve to extend our global leadership around all things premium coffee and tea, developed world-leading digital and mobile capabilities linked to loyalty, create experiential third-place environments, and deep authentic connections among our customers, our partners, and the communities we serve, providing an increasingly elevated and engaging Starbucks Experience."

Please know Starbucks is not a client of Trendless.  This is a case study I pulled together to discuss why Starbucks would exit a virtual experience, and how Trendless CX adapts to changing market conditions.

thinkTrendless, Jeff